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Interdisciplinarity is the future of solving complex problems. 


The very first WICKED Conference at Maastricht University
will take place on April 15th, 2023.

Applications are open until the 1st of April

Our Mission

We all want to make a difference in the world, but where do we even start? 

WICKED is an ecosystem that exists to support students across faculties in their quest of solving challenges of relevance to students of Maastricht University. It is our mission to hone students skills to the max and reach their full potential by organising a truly interdisplinary conference, WICKED.

Our Vision

WICKED breaks disciplinary silos and brings together academia, organisations, and students from diverse backgrounds.

We aim to be the catalyst for change. Having the right talent from diverse backgrounds is crucial to to achieve this. Wicked aims to develop talent in the right way to meet the needs for 21st century problems and propose innovative solutions by promoting dialogue and collaboration.


Unsure if WICKED is for your? Here is what you can expect...


Don't let complex challenges hold you back any longer - start tackeling them at WICKED.  


By embracing diversity, we can build a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for all.


Interdiscplinarity is the future of solving complex problems. You will be working in a team from different faculties. 


21st century education should prioritize critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity. This mindset is at heart in WICKED.

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